How to add custom typography to your eCoach Campus

Customise Feature Requests

Adding a custom font is a great way to personalise your learning environment…

eCoach has a range of customisation options to help brand your Campus, helping your Participants feel at home when they access your learning platform. You can easily change your header and login logos, add tailored Campus colours, and even change your hostname to personalise your Campus URL. For more information on how to do customise your Campus, click here.

One customisation feature that often flies under the radar is the ability to change your Campus typography to match that of your website or company style guide. In just a few steps you (or a Campus Manager) can easily import any Google Font into your Campus using the ‘Customise’ option from the Profile Menu. 

Here’s what one of our tiles looks like before importing a custom font:

And here’s what it looks like afterwards:

The importing process can be a little tricky as it makes use of our inbuilt CSS / Less box, so we’ve made a special FAQ page that runs through how to add custom fonts in detail here. If you need help modifying your Campus font, please let us know (we’d be happy to help!)


Jude is the eCoach Product Manager and UX Designer.