Quarrobolong Release Notes

Here’s a quick rundown of our latest release Quarrobolong:

New Features & Improvements

  • Quizzes now allow ‘Codes’ (just like a Lesson)
  • In eCoach LMS you can now give Participants overall feedback at the end of a Course (from the Course report)
  • There’s now the option to upload a feedback document when grading Assignments
  • Added a ‘Recently Enrolled’ filter for Participants
  • If you email invite goes astray, you can now grab an activation code from the Manage page
  • Publishing and Reverting content is now done in-line. No more going to a new page!
  • All templates now allow you to duplicate items within them.
  • Campus Logos and theming now appears on sign up pages
  • You can now edit tiles in a new window if you want by [ctrl] clicking the edit button
  • Under the hood, we’ve significantly improved the way group permissions work – teachers added to Groups are now be able to see the Courses they can teach on their Dashboard (and preview the content)

Bug Fixes

Fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to Internet Explorer, the most important being:

  • The create card height on the Dashboard
  • Scaling images in the cropper
  • Fixed widget list items from having large gaps between them
  • Removed a breaking bug for responsive images in IE11
  • Fixed bug where Facilitator didn’t appear to come across when mirroring a Group

Fixed some permissions issues:

  • Courses (available for study and visible in builder Dashboard) were not openable
  • Course editor not able to change settings for a Group they don’t own
  • Teachers of Groups can’t see courses in the Dashboard
  • Fixed a few minor bugs with Reports
  • Fixed issue where revoked Campuses were shown in your list, even though you had access to them.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t preview some tiles in a new tab
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view past page 1 of a PDF in a course on iPhone
  • Fixed retrying a Quiz showing all questions with previous correct answers selected

We’re currently working really hard on our next release which will include some major changes and improvements to the learner facing pages of eCoach. This will help bring it in-line with our last major release. We’re super excited and can’t wait for you to see it!


Jude is the eCoach Product Manager and UX Designer.