It’s the month of chocolate and bunnies, and to celebrate we have some super cool new features across the platform.

New Navigation

Courses, Lesson and Quizzes now include an Easy-to-Access Navigation Menu (pictured above) that runs down the side of the page – Courses are now much easier to navigate, allowing users to jump from one module to the next without leaving the page. Participants are also now alerted when they complete a module, nudging them to go to the next part of the Course.

A snazzy new Course Overview page has been added (including a ‘Start Course’ button), along with a ‘Finish’ screen which displays key metrics like Score, Time Spent, and Modules completed. All of these changes will automatically appear in your account for any Courses shared.

eCoach Marketplace

We’ve now opened up Explore to all users, so you can easily add and share your own content with other eCoach users. We really hope you start sharing your content to help us build a strong community of resources for all eCoach users!

To begin sharing your resources, head over to the Explore Tab, then select “Share My Stuff”, then ‘+Add to Marketplace’:

eCoach Marketplace

You can also view any shared resources from the Explore area and add them to your own Campus in just a few steps:

eCoach Explore

Campus Banners

We’ve added a fancy new Campus Banner for Author Pro and LMS customers! This a great customisation feature that allows you to take your campus branding to the next level. Give it go from within your campus today.

Other Updates

  • We’ve added an ‘upcoming events’ calendar for Participants
  • We’ve included an onboarding menu to help new users through the platform (Step-by-Step Guide on the Dashboard)
  • Campus Managers can now add Assignment questions without requiring a score – this is handy for Facilitators who want to give an overall mark instead of a mark per question
  • Campus Managers can now delete Users that have never activated their accounts
  • We now display group Facilitators under the Team view section of the Course Overview page
  • Quiz reattempt extension – we’ve allowed the ability to add new dates for a Participant when adding a new attempt
  • Private share links now include Campus branding
  • There is now a global option to get rid of Lesson Pathway tile Grid or leave viewable (if required)
  • Group Facilitators now have the ability to adjust settings for their Group
  • Campus Managers can now grant a Facilitator permissions to enrol only in a Group
  • We’ve overhauled our group permissions so that they work much more predictably… Course level enrol permission now only allows enrolling Groups (new or existing) in a Course
  • Lastly – we’re giving everyone access to premium templates whether you pay us or not! Gosh we’re nice!!

Stockton, NSW

If you have been tracking our releases throughout the last 8 months you would notice that we have been working through the suburbs in Newcastle Australia… This month is based on Stockton, a hidden gem just North of Newcastle.