Earlier this year, we integrated ChemCert’s eCoach LMS account with Intercom, a messaging platform that allows for direct communication between online users. Now, ChemCert uses Intercom to make their online courses more interactive than ever.

ChemCert is an Australian training organisation that provides accreditation courses for chemical users in the Veterinary and Agricultural industries. Because of the rural nature of these industries, many of ChemCert’s students need to complete their training online, and do so through eCoach LMS.

But whilst e-Learning content meant that students could complete their accreditation remotely, ChemCert realised that online learning simply didn’t have the same value as face-to-face teaching. In the words of Harris Karatzetzos, ChemCert’s Print and Digital Production Manager, “a lot of e-Learning misses that critical student-teacher one-to-one support”.

ChemCert had been using Intercom, a live messaging platform, to talk to potential students as they navigated the ChemCert website and decided what courses they needed to complete. Intercom is great for talking to people in real time and solving problems instantly, without having to go through the time-consuming process of sending an email and waiting for a reply.

ChemCert saw the potential for Intercom to be used as an instructional tool in their online courses, so they contacted eCoach and asked us to integrate Intercom with their eCoach LMS account.

What can Intercom do?

Integrating Intercom with eCoach LMS meant ChemCert could now talk to their students as they completed their accreditation courses. Through Intercom’s live chat capabilities, ChemCert began to provide the one-to-one support that their online content had required.

When students begin an online course in ChemCert, they are now greeted by a real instructor to simulate a live tutoring experience. Industry professionals are available to field questions during predetermined contact hours, and office staff can be contacted at any business hour if students need technical support.

“Intercom provides many different solutions to common struggles in an e-Learning course. We use it to help students having issues with the content as well as IT troubleshooting,” says Harris Karatzetzos. “Being able to connect students queries with the right support in a lightning fast timeframe is critical.”

Intercom has not only changed the way ChemCert interacts with their students; it’s changed the way they author content too. ChemCert now reduce the amount of text they show on-screen, send pertinent announcements through Intercom, and have changed their content’s tone and language to encourage user interaction.

ChemCert’s verdict on Intercom is very positive. Their teachers already have experience with Intercom – they like that they can install it as an app on their mobiles and respond to students on the go.

And as for the students: “Increased learner interaction with support staff results in better feedback after the course”, says Harris. “Less people fall through the cracks and more support can be given by a larger team”.

Learner Intercom Connect is available on the eCoach Scale and Enterprise plans. For further plan information, visit the pricing page here. If you have any questions about integrating Intercom with your eCoach LMS, contact support using the button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.