Earlier this year, Nortec Training Solutions decided to switch Learning Management Systems to improve the look, feel and usability of their online training. They also wanted to move fast.

Nortec Training Solutions provides training for job seekers looking to skill up or enter the workforce. Nortec’s qualifications are nationally-recognised, and, together with parent company Nortec Employment, they’ve helped place over 40,000 jobs.

Up until the start of 2017, Nortec had been using Moodle to create and deliver the online components of their training. Earlier this year, however, Nortec decided to switch up their training strategy.

Nortec wanted to improve the look, feel and usability of their online training. They also wanted to move fast; after all, what’s the point of a great idea if it takes months to get it actioned? In the words of trainer Simon Phipps, Nortec needed “a tool we could get up and running very quickly”.

There are a few key factors that come into play when a business looks to rapidly switch to a new piece of software.

The first is cost. High switching costs, like upfront costs and setup fees, require budget approval, and budget approval involves red tape.

The second is technical complexity. Setting up highly technical platforms often requires the help of subject matter experts like the IT department, and switching between software is one situation where more hands on deck makes for slower work – because it suggests there’s more work to be done.

The third is support. The more support a software provider offers, the quicker a business can troubleshoot issues that arise during the switching process.

At eCoach, we try to limit all of those factors. We charge monthly and have none of the setup or licensing fees that would shock a finance department. Our developers have worked hard to ensure that eCoach plays nice with other systems and can be implemented without expert knowledge. And we invest heavily in support – because we know that the best way to solve a problem with a product is to talk to the people who made it.

So when Nortec identified eCoach as the platform that could improve the look, feel and usability of their training, we felt confident that they’d also be able to get up and running quickly.

Nortec’s switch to eCoach was a two-stage transition. Firstly, after we set up their campus, Nortec shifted all their content onto the eCoach platform. This took one to two weeks, as Nortec wanted to redesign some of their courses using eCoach’s authoring features so as to take advantage of our interactive templates. Once the content had been moved, Nortec shifted their student base into the platform overnight.

Within two weeks, Nortec had switched their entire training operations over to eCoach. In Simon’s words, “ease of use was our prime reason for changing and eCoach has certainly given us that.”

And our support hasn’t ended there – since implementing eCoach, Nortec have sent and received over 350 live chat messages with our support team, who have helped show them how to use new features and fixed any issues that have arisen within their campus.

“eCoach’s marking tools especially are much more user friendly and much more suited to our needs”, says Simon Phipps. “It’s a simple, clear and consistent tool that is easy to use.”