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Teachers Grading Assignments

Can your LMS do this? eCoach launches Better Grading

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At eCoach we are constantly looking at new ways of doing things, building better tools for educators and trainers that are functional, useful, and intuitive to use. Today we’ve added another string to our LMS bow with the launch of Better Grading in eCoach - a completely new feature providing Course Facilitators with a unique way to view, grade and score Assignments.

eCoach Author + LMS Takes Home Gold (and a Silver Thong)!

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Training Magazine is an industry leader in professional development and training, and runs the Learning Design Challenge annually to recognise the best eLearning products on the market. This year's Challenge received over 93 entries across Gamification, Learning Analytics, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, and Social / Collaborative Learning categories.

Learning in the age of the goldfish

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ny have questioned what the decline of the attention span means. Are we getting dumb? Is the human race devolving thanks to mobile phones and the Internet? The goldfish comparisons certainly seem to imply so.

Liz Anneli Illustration

eCoach HQ gets a piece of Newcastle thanks to local artist Liz Anelli

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We recently moved offices to the Earp Gilliam Bond Building, a light-filled stone warehouse that looks out over the Newcastle Foreshore. Our new office space came with a long white wall about 10 metres long and 2 metres high. Realising that this large blank space was something a lot of artists dream of, we got in contact with Liz Anelli, a local artist and illustrator known for her illustrative maps.

7 plus or minus 2

The magic number seven (plus or minus two)

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At eCoach, we believe that not all eLearning content is created equal. Some content is shiny, engaging, and effective. Other content is less so. Cluttered eLearning alienates its audience. We’re here to help, and we’re armed with some of the best findings from cognitive psychology to explain exactly why keeping eLearning simple makes it shine.

3 common eLearning mistakes (and what you can do to avoid them)

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Text and visuals make up the bulk of eLearning content in the courses that we’ve come across at eCoach. It’s common knowledge that combining text with visuals makes your content better - things become easier to explain, more engaging for learners, and more exciting for you to put together as an eLearning author.

5 Conferences to Kickstart your School’s Edtech in 2016

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Interested in emerging edtech, or new ways of integrating digital technology in your school or classroom? Looking for ideas and inspiration? There are a number of education focussed technology conferences happening in Australia throughout 2016 that are worth checking out.

10 Tips to Power-up your mLearning Strategy

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The mobile learning ground swell doesn’t appear to be slowing down and is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of learning in a number of industries. A recent survey by Brandon Hall Group found that 73% of organisations are now actively involved in mobile learning of one sort or another, and 87% planned to increase mLearning use within the following year.