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How to direct Participants from Module to Module

eCoach gives you the ability to redirect Participants from a Module they have just finished to a new Module elsewhere in your Course. This lets you send your Participants from the end of their Module to the next logical Module in their Course, e.g. from a Lesson directly to a Quiz as one example..

The easiest way to do this is by directing your Participants to new Modules from within a Finish Template. Finish Templates are used to end Modules, making them the perfect platform from which to direct Participants onwards in your Course.  From the edit page of your Finish Template, scroll down until you reach the ‘Finish Navigation’ option.

finish navigation

Your navigation options are:

None – This means your Module will simply end without redirecting Participants to another part of your campus

Back to the Course – This will send Participants back to the Course screen that their Module belongs to. From there, they can select another Module in the Course. This option is good for a Course that is unstructured or nonlinear.

To the next Module – This option sends Participants to the next chronological Module in your Course. Selecting this option works well if your Course has been organised Module by Module.

To a specific Module – This option lets you choose any Module in your Course for redirection. To choose a specific Module, select this option and choose your Module from the dropdown menu, as shown below.

To a custom URL: This option lets you redirect your Participants to a URL outside eCoach. TO do this, simply select this option, enter a title for the page that you’re redirecting your Participants to, and enter the URL of your choice in the space available.

Once you’ve chosen your method of redirection, save your changes and sit back as your Participants are funnelled from Module to Module within your Course.

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