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How do I grade Course Assignments?

After an Assignment has been completed by a Participant, and if you have the ‘Grade’ permission as a Course Facilitator (see below), you can navigate to the “Grading” view in 2 different ways:

1. Select the Course and the Assignment Module that you wish to grade, and then select the “Grade” option from the top right of screen:

grade button

2. OR, go to ‘Reports’ view and select ‘Assignments’ from the Reports menu:


… then select the Assignment you wish to mark from the list view.

Next: select the Group you wish to Grade and then select the Participant whose work you wish to Grade by clicking on the “Grade” icon to the right of screen.

Note: if you see the alert below when you hover over this icon, it means you do not have the permission to Grade an Assignment…

Grade Warning

As the message above says, you “need to be a Facilitator of this Course to Grade Assignments”. To add yourself (or another Users) as a Course Facilitator head back to your Course, and then to the Participants tab. Under the Group you are trying to Grade, someone with the correct account Permissions can add anyone who needs to Grade work for the Group as a Course Facilitator:


Marking the Assignment

After selecting the Grade icon, a popup will appear where you can begin marking completed Questions and/or providing feedback…


Next, select the Completed checkbox to accept the Answer as ‘Completed’ and then you’ll be able to enter a score and feedback for the Question selected (and optionally indicate if it’s been ‘Answered Correctly’):


Note: PASS/FAIL is determined using the Assignment Settings for the Course Group. For competency based grading, it’s also possible to mark the Question as either PASS/FAIL. If you would like to allow the Participant to reattempt the Question, a “New attempt” can also be created from this view using the checkbox below:


(This will allow the Participant to reattempt the Question before the cut-off date for the Assignment). It’s also possible to grant an extension:


When you are done marking Questions, select “Save Grades”. Your feedback will be available immediately to the Participant whose Assignment you are marking.

Coming soon…

We’re the first to admit that grading in eCoach could be a lot more intuitive. The grading area is currently receiving an massive overhaul, and in a future release will look something like this:


The new Grading view will allow Course Facilitators to grade multiple response to the same Question from one screen, and/or multiple Assignments from the same Group. Another planned change is to allow Department and Organisational Managers to Grade work without the requirement to add themselves as a “Facilitator”.  If you have any suggestions that you’d like to share please let the team know.

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