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How to add a new topic to your Lesson Pathway

Topics allow you to create structured Lessons from within your Lesson Pathway. Adding a new topic lets you signal to your Participants that you are changing concepts or content. 

Here’s how to add a new topic to your Lesson Pathway:

Step 1: Select the Topic Template from the ‘Text, Images & Video’ panel.

orange box highlighting template selection

Step 2: Drag your Topic Template into the Lesson Pathway.

template being dragged into lesson pathway

Step 3: Your new topic will appear in the Lesson Pathway. From here, you can give it a title and number. When you’re done, select the green checkmark.

text box for new topic

Step 4: Once you’ve added your topic name and number, you can begin adding templates to it. Simply drag them from the right hand of the screen into the chequered area underneath your new topic.

finished topic box with area where templates can be dragged

Note: You can also add new topics by scrolling to the bottom of your Lesson Pathway and selecting the ‘New Topic’ button.

new topic button

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