Meet Kevin

Thoughtful, intelligent, extremely attractive, and just about the finest eCoach you’ll ever meet.

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is an enthusiastic high school teacher and coach. His real talent lies with teaching, where he is an expert on many subjects. He is quick witted and as intelligent as they come, however, you wouldn’t know it to look at him. His passion for sports and sometimes fanatical approach to coaching manifests in his choice of wardrobe.

Kevin is:

Energetic but not tiring

Wise but not complicated

So daggy it’s cool

Embarrassing but endearing (like a Dad)

Funny but can be corny

Kevin says things like:

“Let’s Boogie!”

“That’s Funky!”

“Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else”

Kevin’s wardrobe includes:

A moustache

Sweat bands


A whistle

Long socks

Where You’ll Find Kevin

Kevin will appear only when you need him most. He’ll introduce concepts to you, tell you when you’ve done something wrong, and provide feedback within checkpoints and challenges.  The eCoach will be available, but not overbearing. To see some examples of how he will feature, take a look at the customisable global question feedback feature.