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There’s no install required. Just open your browser, log in and start building! Create Lessons, Quizzes and Assignments with an authoring environment that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Create with Templates

Build as many Courses as you need
Create Lessons with 35+ professional eLearning Templates
..fully-integrated with all the best tools from the web
Create self-marking Quizzes or gradable Assignments / Assessments
You can even record and upload audio / Instructor's Tips straight from your browser
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Create with Existing Resources

Upload Documents / Files
Import SCORM objects
Embed your favourite media from the web
Leverage resources from around the web
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Courses, Lessons and Quizzes can be easily previewed, published and shared at the push of a button
publishing buttons
Don’t start from scratch…
Let's duplicate

Duplicate to save time creating new Lessons and Quizzes from scratch.

Mirror Resources you want an exact copy of – make a change, and it’s reflected everywhere.

Work with Team Members to create the best Courses you possibly can.


Share Your Courses Just About Anywhere

eCoach has a range of options for sharing courses that will suit most businesses and organisations (all content is 100% mobile compatible out-of-the-box).

Publish via URL, SCORM or Embed anywhere

Use the Quick Share feature to generate a short URL that can be shared anywhere. Password Protect your content for private sharing
You can also Embed a Lesson or Quiz directly on your existing website or intranet
Have your own LMS? download SCORM 1.2 packages to use in your existing learning environment
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Enrol Participants into your Course

Easily add and invite Users to your Campus
They’ll receive an invite to login via your own customised Campus...
Once they’re in, you can track and analyse their performance with our powerful reporting tools
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Keeping your Courses up-to-date is a breeze…

Live Updates are available regardless of how you’ve shared your Course – there’s no need to involve your IT department.

Preview content before you publish to make sure everything’s just as you want it.

eCoach is continually being improved, with new Templates, tools and features that are migrated seamlessly to your Campus.


Analyse Every Aspect of Your Participants' Progress and Success

eCoach provides granular reporting (down to the second).

Course Report

The Course Report displays all of your Courses along with a snapshot of the No. of Users, Percentage Completed, Average Grade, and Average Time Spent.

Group Report

The Group Report displays all cohorts within a Course including the number of Participants, those who have commenced, current completion rates (and the Average Grade and Time Spent per Group)

Lesson Report

The Lesson Report details how many Participants have commenced and Completed a Lesson (along with Average Time Spent on each screen)

Participant Report

The Participant Report shows exactly when and how each individual has commenced or completed a Course (including their Grades and Time Spent)

Map your Learning Outcomes

Easily map Learning Outcomes to individual Lesson screens, Quiz questions, and Assignments (optional)

Learning Outcomes Report

The Learning Outcome Report is unique to eCoach and shows how the completion of specific content elements can be attributed to pre-defined Learning Objectives. Training organisations can use the Learning Outcomes Report to ensure your Course covers all of its required Learning Outcomes
Flexible permissions allow Users to share and edit content without treading on each other’s toes

Course Permissions


Allow this user to change this resource, including modifying all the resource's content and publishing or reverting changes


Allow this user to enrol new users and teachers to access this content and remove them


Allow this user to teach this content. Enrolled users' answers will be visible and can be graded, and teachers may also preview the content themselves

Collaborate with Team Members across your Campus

Invite Team Users to your Campus with different roles and access levels. 

Campus Administration

Create and Manage Departments to separate your Users and content
Invite Team members to Author or Manage a Department
Give Team Members specific permissions within each Department
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Live Support & Documentation

Need help? our Support Team is always just a click away.

Live Support, 24/7

Integrated Chat

Our intuitive chat system is built right into eCoach and this website. Simply click the question mark bottom right - give it a go now if you like!

Email Support

Email and phone support is available during our Monday to Friday regular support hours

FAQs & Tutorials

Comprehensive FAQS and documentation is available from our website