At eCoach we are constantly looking at new ways of doing things, building better tools for educators and trainers that are functional, useful, and intuitive to use.

Today we’ve added another string to our LMS bow with the launch of Better Grading in eCoach – a completely new feature providing Course Facilitators with a unique way to view, grade and score Assignments.

From the new grading screen, it’s now possible to see all responses from a single view, easily comparing responses across all Groups and Participants. Check out the new Grading Screen below or view a larger version over here.

If you’ve ever needed to adjust your grades across an entire class based on a knockout answer buried deep in a pile, you’ll know exactly how frustrating this can be!

Key advantages of the new grading screen are that you’ll need no longer need to jump back and forth between assignments, and that it’s now possible to easily compare (and adjust) answers from different students side-by-side (we’ll, actually on top of one and other).

This streamlined approach to grading is unique to eCoach Author + LMS, and will no doubt make life easier for anyone involved in marking Assignments. Here’s a rundown…

eCoach Grading Screen

Grading Screen Functionality

  1. Select “All Participants” to view Questions & Answers for everyone in the list, or select one or many Participants from the list view below. The answers displayed for grading to the right of the screen will update dynamically
  2. Choose to display Participants in a Course for a particular Group (or ‘All Groups’)
  3. Display Answers that are Ungraded, Complete, Incomplete, or “All”
  4. Select checkboxes for each Question to toggle visibility on and off (by default, all Questions are shown)
  5. Add your Grade to each question, and provide any feedback below!

When you’ve had a chance to try out our Better Grading, we’d love to hear your thoughts – just click the chat button (bottom right) or leave a comment below.