October in the USA

The Head of Growth and Head of Customer Success have been working from our USA office in LA and getting the unique opportunity of living in a share house with the CEO for a month. A learning curve for all…

It has been a jam packed month. We ran online training bootcamps with Coca-Cola and over 30 US companies looking to achieve more streamlined and engaging rapid training. The team have also signed 30 new organisations and had meetings with numerous partner organisations that will bring exciting new value to our customers in 2019.

As we attend DevLearn for the second year, I can’t help but reflect on how far we have come. Last year, our founder, Jude Novak and I turned up with some cardboard seats – Virgin lost our bags along with our stand banner so we put up a poster on the wall behind us. We had 3 US based customers.

Fast forward to 2018 and eCoach has 3 full-time US team members supporting over 80 US organisations and a team that is so passionate about our mission that they inspire Jude and I EVERY DAY to work harder to take down the premise that Online Training needs to be expensive and hard to accomplish.

At DevLearn this week, our Rockstar Founder (backed by a dreamy presentation from our Marketing and Growth Team) had people taking photos and sitting back and listening to his story. The story is one of continued improvement and innovation; never settling. Jude discussed our vision at eCoach: “To make online learning more accessible to business.” This encompasses a desire and drive to design the simplest and most customer-centric LMS in the world! Not an easy target but looking at our team in late 2018 and what we are achieving every day with our amazing user base, we are certainly going to give it a crack…

This year has seen eCoach grow from 8 team members, to a total of 21. We have  seen our team expand into 5 different locations across Australia and the USA! As a CEO of a growth-focused company, every day I am blown away by team members who teach me new ways to think, design and deliver on strategies well beyond their years and genuinely care about what we are looking to achieve. I consider this as critical to why eCoach has seen over 300% growth in the US in the last 6 months and continues to see results like being listed tied first in the top 20 LMS platforms for Customer Service. Check out our team video made this year to highlight the importance of our culture in achieving our mission.

As Jude points out in his talk, linked above: “We are still not there… we can be better, we can be simpler, we can deliver more to our customers”

2019 is looking exciting for eCoach customers with new designs, simpler workflows and even more learner-based interactive design. We are hoping that people can help us on the journey so we have started a ‘Join The Movement’ campaign where anyone who wants to shape how we achieve our mission can help out. Check it out here.

After a huge month in the US, I could not be prouder of our team and what we are achieving. All I can say is that the traditional eLearning Market better keep their eyes open as we are on our way!

Ryan Macpherson – One proud and excited CEO