Located in Newcastle, NSW

Our headquarters is located in Newcastle East, NSW, a regional technology centre renowned for innovation with a thriving startup scene... We’re hiring for positions in Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Growth, and Finance here, throughout Australia and in the United States.

What we're about

We’re driven by the idea that technology can make teaching and learning better for everyone.

We are dedicated to delivering real value to our users and solving their problems in creative, meaningful ways. Collaboration and innovation are at the core of everything we do. As individuals, we believe in being masters of our disciplines and experts in our craft.


Why join us

Our days are broken up with swims at the beach, a coffee in the mall, and kicking the ball around in the park at lunch.

Our leaders are down to earth, pragmatic and hands on. It helps us make decisions quickly – we don’t believe in red tape! We have real ownership over our work and the opportunities to get involved in projects are endless.


eCoach Careers

At eCoach, we believe that challenging the status quo and creating the best eLearning software in the world takes a special kind of team made up of brilliant individuals. We innovate, we work hard, we have fun and we’re truly passionate about making teaching and training better for everyone.

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