eLearning Author + LMS

Create an Online Course with eCoach


Powerful and easy.

Craft engaging course content in minutes using eCoach, a cloud-based authoring tool.

Nothing to install...


Craft engaging course content using eCoach cloud-based authoring tools.


eCoach does the heavy lifting to make your content meaningful


Publish anywhere at the push of a button


Manage Course Particpants directly with eCoach LMS


You don’t need training to use eCoach. Ready-made templates, an intuitive interface and a strong support base make it easy to create training content, eLearning modules, online Quizzes, or even presentations.

Drag and Drop

Intuitive drag-and-drop templates let you build Lessons and Quizzes straight out of the box

mobile app
Works on Mobile Devices

Author once and content will rearrange itself for tablets and mobile devices

Cloud-Based Authoring

Means you don’t have to install a thing, whilst multiple authors can work together online.


Our authoring tools have all the bells and whistles you’ll need to create meaningful online content – extensive multimedia options allow you to easily embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo, or find copyright-free images using our Creative Commons search tool.

Video Tutorials and Knowledge Base articles explain how to use every aspect of the eCoach platform.


eCoach includes flexible publishing, URL hosting and downloadable SCORM options.

eCoach Author + LMS

Combine eCoach Author with our state-of-the-art LMS to create, deliver and monitor your learning environment from a single integrated platform. Granular reporting allows you to break down every aspect of your content, from entire Courses, to standalone Lessons, to individual student/staff metrics. Access specific reports or get the key statistics at a glance with easy to interpret visuals.

eCoach Reporting in LMS

Both the Author and LMS operate from the same Dashboard, allowing you to switch between content creation and management in seconds, opening the door for unparalleled collaborative opportunities and training delivery.