Sydney TAFE has been using eCoach’s rapid authoring features to create interactive content that can be easily embedded within their existing Learning Management System, Moodle. 

Sydney TAFE is one of the largest and most innovative training providers in Australia, with around 70,000 students studying across 6 physical campuses and online. For delivering online training, Sydney TAFE uses Moodle, an open-source Learning Management System.

Moodle is great at handling tens of thousands of people at one time, but it often falls flat when it comes to the actual content that those students are consuming.

This is partly due to the fact that Moodle’s built-in features for creating content are limited, meaning that learners are often enrolled in ‘online courses’ that consist of reading large, uninspiring chunks of text in PDF form and then answering questions about them.

In other words, Moodle can be great for hosting training, but you have to have the actual training resources to match the platform.

A group of teachers at Sydney TAFE saw an opportunity to add interactive learning resources to their Moodle account using eCoach. With eCoach, users can create engaging online content that can be embedded within Moodle as a learning unit. It’s as simple as using eCoach’s rapid authoring capabilities to build an interactive Lesson, Course or Quiz, and hitting Share to embed it in Moodle – the whole process can take a matter of minutes and results in content that learners are interested in.


Quizzes like the one above can be authored in eCoach and embedded within existing Learning Management Systems in minutes.


Jen Benson, one of the first teachers at Sydney TAFE who began using eCoach to author content for Moodle, says she had tried creating content on eCoach before and loved the ease of eCoach’s ready-made training templates and the interactivity they added.

So Jen created an eCoach account and began creating training modules for her students. To date, teachers from Sydney TAFE have hit publish on over 150 different resources in eCoach.

Jen says embedding eCoach in Moodle has made her students more interested in their online learning:

My students love it, they find it more interesting and engaging than reading blocks of text. 

      – Jen Benson, Sydney TAFE

With eCoach, Sydney TAFE’s teachers now have the ability to create interactive content for their Moodle courses in minutes, allowing for more agile and effective training and improved learning outcomes.

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