Revolutionise the Way You Teach and Train

eCoach LMS provides a simple, intuitive way to integrate your eLearning experience with your training delivery.

Create and Collaborate.

Flexible permissions allows for collaborative authoring by letting users across an organisation edit and publish content without treading on each other’s toes.

Permission levels allow you to control who can edit content, who can share it, who can teach it, and who can study it.

Invite collaborators on resources you own, and request permission to collaborate on resources you don’t.

Real-time chat allows for easy communication during collaborative authoring (coming soon!).


We’ve combined an intuitive LMS with outstanding cloud-based authoring tools in a single integrated platform. Being able to create, deliver and monitor your learning environment from the same Dashboard keeps everyone on the same page and lets you focus on what matters – maximising teaching, training outcomes and business outcomes

One Dashboard for content building and learning management

Cloud-based authoring allows for easy collaboration across an organisation

mobile app

All Course content is 100% smartphone friendly


For Training Organisations, eCoach LMS will help you keep the auditors happy. Easily map Learning Outcomes to individual Lesson screens, Quiz questions, and Assignments, or use the Learning Outcome Report to make sure your Course covers all of its required learning outcomes. Business Organisations can also use this handy tool for compliance reporting!


Powerful analytics give you detailed reports on Courses, Lessons and individual Students/Employees. Alternatively, see the latest statistics at a glance with our easy-to-understand course breakdowns.

eCoach Reporting in LMS
Course Report

Displays a snapshot of each Course’s key statistics, such as number of users, average grade and average time spent on a course. It’s also possible to drill down to see the time spent and progress made on each individual module.

Student Report

Lists all of a student/employee’s Courses along with dates, progress, and time spent.

Lesson Report

Displays a list of all the tiles a student/employee has viewed within a Lesson, as well as their time spent and Checkpoints completed.

Quiz Report

Shows the results on any Quizzes included within a Course, and can tally the results of individual questions within individual quizzes, allowing for easy mapping to Learning Outcomes or business SOP’s.


Our LMS is priced to the size of your organisation, making it affordable for anyone from, Schools, small RTO’s to global corporations. Plans start at $99 a month (for 1-50 active users)

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